Root Word Walls!

Saturday, April 11, 2015
This year I have been using Teaching in Room 6's Root Word Homework and I (and the kids) LOVE it!!! The trifolds give the students the opportunity to learn the origin of the word, the meaning,other words containing the root, and finally a little assessment after every four words.  Above is an example of what the sheet looks like!  

The kids have really seemed to form a curiosity to dissect and investigate where words are from!  Since we have been working on root words consistently this year, each student chose a root (as long as it was not already chosen) and they made a little foldable that is part of an entire student-created root word wall!  I gave the kids a folded piece of heavy construction paper and they went to town designing their root with bubble letters and patterns. See how some of them turned out below.

Next, I had the students show their knowledge of the root by listing different words with that root.  They also chose their favorite word containing the root.   They created an illustration depicting their word, wrote the definition and finally wrote a quality sentence. These look FABULOUS hanging up in our room and I can't wait for the students to add more! (Possibly an early finisher activity???)
Do you have a root word wall in your classroom?


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